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Design & Production of Ceramic Matrix Composites


Years of Experience Building Some of the World’s Most Advanced Exhaust Components for Commercial and Military Use. From Heat Shields To Fairings We Have Experience In Creating Advanced Ceramic Components That Stand Up To The Extreme Conditions Of Aerospace.

  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Heat Shields
  • Radomes
Boeing ecoDemonstrator 787

Commercial Power

25,000 Hours of Combustor Life in a Solar Turbine Engine.

  • Lowers Fuel and Electrical Consumption
  • Decreases Environmental Pollution
  • Improves Engine Efficiency
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Advanced Materials

We Offer an Array of Advanced Ceramic Products & Solutions

  • Research & Development for Unique Problems and Challenges*
  • Development & Production Teams Ready for your Application
  • State of the Art Equipment & Facilities
Space Shuttle

Our Products & Technologies

F-35 Engine Firing

Ceramic Matrix Composites

Broad array of oxide & non-oxide CMC options to meet the needs of your high temperature applications.

Spools of Sylramic Fiber

Silicon Carbide Fibers

The World's Premier Silicon Carbide Fiber (Nicalon™ and Sylramic™). SiC ceramic fibers are used in Space, Aerospace and Power Generation high temperature structural composites - hot gas flow components and survivability applications.

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