Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composites specifically designed for high-temperature oxidation sensitive applications. These materials can be used up to 1200°C (2200°F) in air environments and are primarily used in both Aerospace and Gas Turbine applications. Oxide ceramic matrix composite products are based upon sol-gel derived matrices and 3M Corporation Nextel™ fiber products (Oxide fibers in an Oxide matrix). Ox-Ox CMC materials, specifically alumina-based Oxide CMC materials are ideal for both long duration applications like turbine engines as well as single use very hot short duration exposure missions where thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation are critical.

Image of Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator 787 under the FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) Program.



Ceramic Matrix System

  • Water Based Sol-Gel Processing
  • Versatile Matrix Chemistry

Physical Attributes

  • Low Cost
  • Environmental Stability

Reinforcing Fiber Flexibility

  • Nextel™ 312 - Lowest Cost
  • Nextel™ 720 - Highest Temperature & Creep Performance
  • Nextel™ 610 - Highest Strength

No Fiber Interface Coating

Typically Used For

Advanced Gas Turbine Engines [1]

Built for Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator 787 under the FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) Program.

Rotocraft Exhaust Systems

Oxide Ceramic Matrix Exhaust Duct

Combustor Liners

Oxide Ceramic Matrix Combustor Liner

Product Lineup

COIC offers the broadest portfolio of Ox-Ox CMC systems in the industry. The primary oxide CMC matrix systems include Aluminosilicate, Alumina, and Alumina Mullite. The Ox CMC systems are reinforced with 3M Nextel™ fibers. Fiber selection is based on a combination of end-use environment and processing compatibility with the Oxide matrix chemistries. The most commonly used fibers include Nextel™ 312, Nextel™ 610, and Nextel™ 720.

Product Lineup Nextel™ Fiber Matrix Strength (ksi) Modulus (msi) Max Use Temp - °C (Continuous/Short-Term)
AS/N312 N312 Aluminosilicate 19.3 5.39 815/982
AS/N610 N610 Aluminosilicate 57 16.7 982/1093
AS/N720 N720 Aluminosilicate 33 11.4 1000/1100
A/N720 N720 Alumina 25.8 11.4 1200/1300
AM/N720 N720 Aluminosilicate/Mullite 19.6 9.3 1200/1400

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